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Thread: more!

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    these arrived by courier from WEITZE bought all the cheap ones I need from him,
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    That collection is growing rapidly Paul. Congrats, like the Nordsee a lot.

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    YES THE NORDSEE is a font duplicate but I think this font is very scarce

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    Nice ones Paul,

    How many are in your collection by now?

    Any pic all together, Im sure it would be impressive!!!



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    Hi Antonio got over 50 now but see you have been cleaning up some nice tinnies and funny thing WEITZE HAS NO MORE


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    You're going great man. Your collection is nothing short of some kind of museum of Nazi times!

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    Well done Paul

    How do you present your triangles ?


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    Great triangles Paul i would like to see them all displayed should be a very cool sight

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    Thanks for the comment right now my triangles are set out in REIKER MOUNTS which you can see in my album pics. Must update some pics though


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    paul do you get the military advisor magazine i have a copy from 2005 which covers in depth the triangles of the radio broadcasting units can send you the scans if interested


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