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    My Hitler Youth and BdM sleeve triangles

    Today arrived four more pieces I was lucky to find on the net. Two BDM from Austria (Suedost Oberdonau, Suedost Kaernten) and one HJ and one BDM Ost Sudetenland both in very good condition with
    tag. I put all of them together for a nice picture. See yourself.

    If you want to see a specific one more detailed, please let me know. I would trade one of the HJ Ost Sudetenland for one HJ or BDM from Austria you don´t find on the picture :-)

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    GREAT looking collection so far, always love to see members collecting these good hunting

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    Thank you Paul!

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    Very nice collection, it's coming along well.

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    Looking good Michael

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    overall, great start. Nicely put together.
    There is but one thing that has struck my attention, can you confirm or deny the fact that the "Ost Berlin HJ triangle" has white lining?
    Maeby it is just the lightening, but if this is the case I would like to have a few on the backside of this one, to exclude that the lettering ; Ost Berlin" has not been colored yellow.

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    Hi Wizardelf, you are completly right, it has a white lining. This was also a point of discussion before I bought it, but the seller said he would have bought it as an original and I would have the chance to give it back if it is clearly stated as a fake. I will make more detailed pictures for you.

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    Good eye Wizardelf, I had not noticed that before. I look forward to seeing the additional photos.

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    It doesn't need to be a fake.
    IMO this is a genuine BDM altered to look like a HJ triangle.
    And by doing so the chap forgot to alter (color) the borderlines.
    Therefore I asked you to show or have yourself a closelook at the backside of the triangle.

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    WOW GOOD EYE , can't believe I did not see that. The weave seems okay but we do need a reverse of this one. Could be a factory defect also

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