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    Nice and worn triangle. Nice!
    You can see I post a similar one here too

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    Thanks. I just looked at the one you posted and thats in far better shape. Good question you asked what number shoulderboards would go with it. Unfortunately I have too little post yet to look at the list but I am working on it

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    This set of mine would match nicely.
    Bann 419 Bornhoved.
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    Are these on the list?
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    That set of straps is from one of the Banns created later during wartime. You would need a West Moselland triangle to match those. They appear to be a "slip on" set, not sewn to the uniform. If that's the case they could be changed easily.
    Edit to answer your question all the Banns are included on the lists.
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    hi Ray, i found a nice pair of bords matching it. you can see them here :

    shoulderboards 184

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    Is there some sort of list with all the ban-numbers with their names and the matching triangles that go with them?

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    The Bann lists contain only Bann numbers and Obergebiet/Gebiet information and timeframe. Garry can be helpful with Bann names for individual inquiries.

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    Yep. As Darin says, the lists will give you the correct Bann numbers by year for the triangle. You can find the lists here:

    Read this first though:

    Read this first

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