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    I agree with you Alois....

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    Too bad for buyers like myself that he requests bank transfer as payment. For US buyers this is a risk if you do not know the seller well. Bank Transfer to Europe often has high fees for US buyers as well. Our U.S.banking system unfortunately does not understand that it is a global economy and only wants to make as much money on administrative fees as possible.

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    many German and Austrian Militaria-dealers no longer want Paypal due to recent scams. The Paypal policy is even more outrageous that banks, exchange rates much lower and commission fees too high.

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    Paypal has strange policies about "Nazi" items as well, and often provides no buyer protection if they deem the item to be something they do not like anyway. For some of us in the U.S. it is unfortunate that this is the only option many times to buy from Europe. Last time I did an IBAN it required at least three employees at my bank to figure out how to make the transfer and cost me in excess of 125 USD in fees and currency conversion. Hopefully one day there will be a solution.

    But back to the subject of this thread, rare and difficult to find items and still more nice items listed from this seller. Congratulations again to the buyers, sometimes we wait many years for this type of item and the time to buy is when they are offered even if the price is expensive.

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    Congratulations to all the buyers of these ultra-rare triangles. I had my eye on the
    triangle and therefore did not bid on the
    ones. Seeing one of the
    being sold for €254,- - his would have been cheap in comparison.

    Josef Will indeed is a very reliable and trustworthy seller, I have recently bought a lot of triangles from him, always friendly and polite!

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    When it rains it pours [triangles], I just won a BDM Ost Pommern triangle early this morning.
    I guess I know what I am getting for Christmas.

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    It appears that Wietze picked up at least one of the
    triangles, now listed at 800 Euro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Trust me , I did not want to pay that much , however; I have been outbid on the last 3
    Gefolgschaft triangles that have been listed on the internet in the past 5 years and the 910 euro I won it for is the cheapest it has sold for in all 3 auctions .
    My congratulation.
    I have 900 € offer of the auction

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