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    Ost Wartheland area triangle

    Hi Guys,been after one of these for a while now,looks good to me but would like to show it here first,just in case.kind regards Bones
    I know these are hard to come by and the asking price is £200.

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    Based on the pictures it looks like a good one Bones. I personally don't understand why this particular triangle is so expensive. Weitze currently has one up for 350 Euros and describes it as 'extremely rare'. Looking at the number of units who would have worn this triangle during the period I can't for the life of me understand why this triangle is viewed in that way. You could get an AHS for that kind of money and they ARE rare.

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    thanks for the reply

    Thanks for the reply Gary,I know what you mean but have been after one for some time in decent condition so will have to pay the going rate.cheers Bones

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    why then are these classed as rare ?

    Just an after thought,but anybody here know why the Ost Wartheland area triangle is a hard one/rare to come by when as Gary said,there must have been alot issued.cheers Bones

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    I never understood that either. The straps are easy to find and cheap, but the triangle seems to be elusive. I know the straps come from a horde find back in the 80's. Maybe the straps being so plentiful caused collectors to snap up all the triangles or something. Who knows.:confused:

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    LIKE much of the non swastika pieces they are starting to come out of the woodwork in ever increasing quantities as the HJ and BDM are being more and more publicized. Like Gary said I can buy an HJ AHS with tradition for 350.00 right now so hang in there it will be around and at a much fairer price

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    Hi Paul,will take your advice and wait.cheers Bones

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    patience is a big part of collecting and like most things it will come your way eventually on your terms and the greed of some will be recognized by all

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    Regarding rarity and the number of members in the Wartheland gebiet.

    I've never thought about it in terms of the war-time membership numbers.
    Perhaps I should.

    I have always considered the rarity of the Ost triangles (except Sudentenland) came from the fact that the Soviets, not the Western Powers entered and held this area.

    I would have also guessed that the penalties would be more severe for finding third reich insignia in one's home in Soviet occupied territory during the immediate post war period than in any of the western held regions. As a result, I thought that few would have survived.

    All conjecture of course, but it seemed plausible to me.

    200GPB vs. Weitze 350EUR?
    Hmmm. Honestly?
    That might have been hard for me to pass up.


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    REMEMBER these triangles where mostly made in Germany specifically the Wuppertal area so at wars end the stocks would be picked up by GIs and other allied troops. IMO there are still large quantities out there. I do agree that eastern insignia is rarer especially the political stuff which was very differnt from the greater Reich material this stuff rarely survived as it was made in the east

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