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    Very good point.

    I have forgotten the important factory or "rzm" store factor.


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    After I wrote my last post, something came to mind.

    If I see a perfect unissued example of an Ost triangle, the probability is high that it may have come from a factory (or an equivalent) possibly in a non-eastern region.

    If I see an Ost triangle that has definately been worn, I can assume that it came from the Gebiet printed on the triangle itself. It therefore survived the Soviet period.

    So, let's say you find someone that has two HJ "Ost" triangles of the same Gebiet for sale, one perfect and unissued, and one that definately shows honest wear (dirt, some fading, etc). They are priced the same.

    Which would you prefer?


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    Worn, as long as it's not completely trashed. Just personal preference but I like uniform removed insignia.

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    yes worn if excellent condition but mint with correct tag is also optimal


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