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    The HJ sample board of insignia looks promising, especially the RZM sealed pattern DJ strap. It also appears to include shoulder strap templates as well. The photos are pretty poor for an item with that sort of price tag.
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    yes, and look at the quality of the pictures, taken with a 3MP camera LOL.... but its sometimes in these kind of lots, that only a little is shown, and then when you get them, you get a surprise.. kinda like an expensive Xmas cracker i guess!
    Or the other way around, and the seller is hoping someone thinks this and buys it, and then does get a surprise when he finds only manky old tat....
    Ha, it`s a Xmas cracker for sure, no denying that. But unusual

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    some very interesting stuff in there for sure but out of my price range

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    Fantastic lot, over 100 of this paper-items and this fantastic map with cloth items.
    I like the DJ-board with RZM-metal-button. The price is also to high for me, but Ok, I think.

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    for what it is i would agree the price would be about right especially if you needed the items for research! i wasnt checking the other photos but seen them now, where would you find another taiors group like that??? hence the price imo

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    Nice lot from Ewald Beiersmann & Sohn from Wuppertal-Langerfeld. The HJ stuff
    looks great, but the SS armband with colored piping is even more great: Sturm 1
    from Sturmbann I with green piping!
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    here is a better picture which I ordered from Peter per mail,from the straps.
    The boards look great.
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    100 Triangle posters, framed up, as a back drop for a collection of triangles? 100 of them? That alone would fetch a good deal of the investment back without having to sell anything from the album/book, which is customized with their RZM number? a very nice lot. The more i look at this, the more i want to buy it!

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    Jo, if i had the money i would buy it in a heart beat! i bet there is much letterheads there from the rzm orders etc as you said i bet theres a few hidden gems! its unique for sure man! try find it again!! go for it!!!

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    I asked for a price-reduction, Peter can make 4000.- pounds for this lot.
    But 4000.-€ are always to much for me, maybe some of the forum take it.
    Here are 4 more pictures which I got from Peter.
    The boards are fixed with animal or fish glue he said.
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