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    Question: how many "burned" AHS Tilsit triangles with trad. bar are out there?

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    I`ve seen a few also . The Ruptered Duck had one . Are these burned or just stored bad and mildew has set in .

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    I agree with Joe, they appear to have been stored somewhere and exposed to dampness or mildew. It's my opinion that a horde of these stored together was found at some point as the mildew and discoloration appear to be the same on many examples. Just my opinion.

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    Ok, thanks a lot! But what do you think how many are around?

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    Hard to say Sven. I know that Paul has one, Kevin has one, Ruptured Duck has one, and I've seen another for sale a long time ago. No way of telling for sure, but I think a nice conditioned one without the bluish green patina would be hard to find.

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    Thank you very much. This one at Ruptured Duck looks a little bid burned at the top. I was thinking about buying this item but the condition is really bad. I'm not sure if I shall do it. In nice condition I only saw Tilsit triangles without the bar.

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    I got mine from RUPT DUCK a couple years ago seems he has a few from a bundle that was in a fire. I think mine was the best of the lot

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    Darin is correct, I have one too.
    I think I got mine from the Collector's Guild several years ago.
    I never thought mine was burned, I thought it just had storage damage.
    Here are a few photos.

    It's in pretty good shape, so the "greening" traditions bar never really bothered me.

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    Hello Kevin,

    thanks a lot. These pics are from Raptured Duck. The triangle is in really bad shape.

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    I`m betting on mildew that caused this damage .

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