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    I can easily understand the point of view of each other.
    However, I remain convinced that it is necessary for us to stay informed on future sales and for that, I warmly thank Metallwarenfabrik.
    Our small community of hobbyists collectors has seen prices rise since the creation of this forum and we are all responsible.
    Sorry but there is no value on the items collection.
    We are not all rich and each of us is free to overpay item or not

    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heran View Post
    well, if I like something, I pay it and that it is.
    Exactly, and at auction, at least the end price will be fair. (unless corrupt crazies are playing the fool)

    About prices at Dealer sites ... well look here.... at one site "it" is €990.- and at another site, "it" is £85.-

    €990 for a Tinnie

    $500.- for the same, broken and very bad condition Tinnie

    £85.- for the same, very nice Tinnie

    yes, so much price difference on one small item, over €900 price difference. It just depends what the buyer will pay! To even think that a thread here, will have any influence on an auction site where tens of thousands of people will see it in one week, is just not a valid argument. How many times did we talk about certain dealers selling fantasy and fake ?? and did they remove the Item after we talked about it here? NO !! so the HJ-research forum has surely nothing to do with any final sales prices realized, and certainly not at MILI321! This Dreieck obviously went to a collector, and not sold for €80.- to some dealer, who will list it next week for €1200.- just like Bill Shea did with the HJ Dr. Jacket from here a few weeks ago!

    And did we not see a Fake RFS dreieck for €900 ? or some stupid price like that? So why should it be OK to post links to fake crap for huge amounts, yet bad to post links to very good, and very rare items for a fair price? in order to give real HJ-collectors the opportunity to Grab a rare piece that they may never see again?? I have no regrets, but like i said, will never do this again if it is going to cause bad blood.

    I did "quote" between the lines values of 300 - 500 , and it seems i was spot on too ! I still believe that the final price on this for €415.- was more than fair !

    edit: And btw, EVERY dealer, from Weitze to Shea through to the smaller ones, are ALL registered at MILI321 and bid and buy often, so why should i say nothing? to let a dealer get the dreieck for 100 ? why not inform some genuine, nice collectors!! People who are not looking to Rape the wallets of others, people who just want to collect and not get Rich !
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    I just won one for 284 euro ... pays to keep a sharp eye ...
    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Sold for 415 euro , thats about market value on this one .

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    I just won one for 284 euro ... pays to keep a sharp eye ...

    congrats Joe!

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    hello joe ,
    a nice one with rzm tag .
    I get myone for 201 € and only 10 days after the 415 €one , on 321 mili too !but without tag

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    i was going to bid.... just to be "in" on the action.. but then didn't..

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