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    well SVEN you know that I will always give an honest opinion with reasons. There will hopefully be others who will comment and please do not treat them as you have me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hohenlohe View Post
    No, I don't want to change your mind, but you are not the one and only triangle pope around. You have your opinion - that's OK for me - and I have mine. But that's for sure, I won't share any collectibles far away from
    regulations in future because "collectors" like you always will say fake.
    Hi Sven. Please correct me if i interpret this incorrectly, but when you say.."Far away from the
    " are you referring to items made before, or non-regulatory items made during, ie: special variations...... If this is the case, then i would advise extreme caution, as this grey area is very small, and should never be used to legitimize any item that looks differently, or used as an excuse to authenticate something is just plain wrong. In general, non-regulatory items were destroyed or replaced, and those very few that are still around today, could not possibly be traced back to that specific time period, unless they came with rock solid proof.
    There certainly were strange items, but we have no idea what they looked like, and should never attemt to use that "get out of jail card / i like to call it" in order to give a bad piece the thumbs up
    Quote Originally Posted by Hohenlohe View Post
    Hi mates,
    one year ago at 23rd august 2009 I've bought my first HJ insignia incl. a "Nord Niedersachsen" triangle - the start of my collection!
    Regards to all of this great forum,
    This means that you have been collecting and studying the Gebiets Dreieck for only 2 years? This is, in my opinion, not long enough to form any real comprehension of the grey area i mentioned above, let alone validate any and all variations. I know collectors who have been in the game for over 50 years and even they would not dare to get into a fight about what variotions there were or could be, that would be pointless, and plain speculation.
    In any case, you will surely know more about them than me, as i have never held one in my hand in all my years What i could sugguest, is that when collectors like Paul, and others who have been collecting 30,40 + years give you their opinion, you should probably listen to it and do more research instead of trying to argue. Of course never just believe any one person, even if they are 100 years old... but always try and find out more. Maybe post these two Triangles on other forums, send pictures to a few dealers who know a lot about them and ask what they think.

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    Sven , I have been collecting since 1974 , I have 75 - 85 Gebiet triangles in my collection . Please dont think that other collectors are disrespecting you just because we voice our opinions taken from the knowledge learned from years of experience . We all have been burned at some point or another also. In this hobby , it`s just part of the risk . Take my advice or not , but It would behove you to stick to regulation manufactured insignia in the future . I would only have the triangles that you have photographed as representative pieces , until I find a ( no questions) original .


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    Hi mates,

    OK, no problem, maybe you are right. I'm still wondering because these are the first I saw in this style. If they are fakes, there must be lots more out there, also other districts. We'll see in future. I did't pay so much for them so it was no risk to buy them. I collect since 2 years but I'm researching triangles some years longer - my mistake was to resell all after getting them in the past. Now I have approx. 120 again in my collection. I also have no problem with buying some doubtful pieces from time to time for researching :)
    I hope you've found not offended by my former posts - my English is not the best and it's difficult to express myself for me.


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    There is a Company in Pakistan, they continually e Mail dealers trying to sell their repro items, they advertise that they will make any
    insignia to specification, asking you to send them a sample of what you want. I know at least 1 person in Germany who has sent them stuff before, so there is a very real possibility that not all "Fakes" or variations, are Flooding the market or out there en mass.. there could only have been a few made, or a handful..depending.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hohenlohe View Post
    ...If they are fakes, there must be lots more out there,......

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    I think Paul may have been refering to this triangle shown here in the link when he mentioned seeing another here on the forum.

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    Hi Darin, the
    is different when you compare the letters and the threads between them at the front. Paul mentioned another one, maybe he will help us out. But the theory with Pakistan is really interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hohenlohe View Post
    ......But the theory with Pakistan is really interesting.
    Here is one example. They say:"... If you don't find any item required by you in our webpage, U can provide us your own SAMPLE or complete pictures along with all details. We have all the production facilities to meet your all requirements."
    So the possibility that fakes, of whatever, are not like many believe, Flooding the market, is very real. Could just be small amounts produced according to whatever picture/specifications.

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    I found the one i was thinking of.. Here is the link. They will also make any amount also to specification

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    This triangles are not originals !

    Best regards

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