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    Rarest Adolf Hitler Schule (AHS) sleeve triangle??

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    I don't know which is the rarest, but I can tell you which I've seen up for sale before. The Tilist, Chimsee, and Wiemar.

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    can you recall price ranges ?

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    It seems to vary kind of wildly Paul. I saw a member here snap one up on Ebay of all places for 325usd, but I've seen them go for between 250usd to way out there in the 600usd range. I think I know the site these are on, they've been there a long while. Definetly could not hurt to ask if they have any wiggle room on pricing.

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    These are amazing. For what's it's worth, I have seen the Wiemar, and Cheimsee. They are currently for sale for $450each.

    Makes a very tasty group shot!

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    I only want one example and will pay for the rarest of the rare here.

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    hi paul
    why not try and get a deal on them all, then when thry arrive keep what you want and sell the others individually you never know you may cover the cost of yours if your lucky

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    will see what can be done with this lot but dealers rarely lower the stated prices know a couple who do but only to long time customers. This guy does not seem to move much probably due to his prices etc


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    Well whatever triangle you will take i believe it's a real nice centerpiece in any collection Paul,but i hop for you that you can cut a nice deal.

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    THANKS I think I have a good handle on the rarest wo so will make a move shortly and see what happens

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