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    HAD a talk with the vendor and he will not come down on his prices at all and for me that is 700.00 CAD for just one which to me is ridiculous even if rarer. So here is the sight URL have a look and yours if you have the bucks

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    Agreed Paul, that's heavy money for one, I've seen them cheaper for sure.

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    there are a couple super rare ones there and I want one example only so I am very drawn out on this


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    I've been watching this thread to see what would happen, Paul. Those are some great looking triangles, but definitely top, top dollar.

    This individual has some fantastic items. Does anyone know who he is? Several things I'd love to have.

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    SEND ME your email by PM and I will foreward the email he sent me and that will give you a good idea what he is all about


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    He was a member of the old forum and once posted, asking the prices of AHS triangles.

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    How ironic is that :)

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    C'est la vie!
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    non ami C'est la guerre!


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    Good luck Paul, hope you get what you are looking for gentleman.



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