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    thanks Antonio think I may have one of them end month and at his price. When it comes down to it where and when will you see another example of at least two of these.


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    Your final point sums it up Paul. Ultimately, it is highly unlikely you will see further examples of the rarer triangles in the near future. As such, the seller holds the chips and can determine price. In fact, if you take this argument to its logical conclusion, you could go so far as to say that some of them are underpriced!

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    yes TOBY reluctantly agree on your price feelings. By the way you have been in this for some time and I did buy that nice cased teno medal from you awhile back. Which one would you buy in that lot


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    Personally, I don't remember seeing Waldbroel before. That said, if I'm looking at the pics correctly, this one has been removed from an album.

    Other than that, Tilsit or Weimar. Although, neither are in top condition and I have encountered Tilsit before (if I'm not mistaken I once sold this very triangle).

    Interesting link:

    Adolf-Hitler-Schule ? Wikipedia


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    VERY INTERESTING LINK and thanks for the advice that tab and the one to the right are my choices.


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    They are expensive, but if you really want one I say get one Paul. They aren't seen in many collections and would look fantastic with your stuff IMO.

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    ya DARIN I am moving in that direction he will at least pay the postage

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    Every little bit helps on a big money item Paul.

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    YES so true for me this month is property tax time and I have to pay back 1,200 to the government because I messed up my income tax return so when it rains it pours as they say and we are into a big drought here.

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    AHS triangles

    Hello Paul,
    I confirm you that it is rare to find these triangles.
    The rarest are doubtless: - AHS Plauen, Waldbröl, and Heiligendamm.
    I do not have them in my collection, built up for 18 years....
    650 $ is the good price for each.
    best regards

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