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    Bump, 3 years on, and all 6 are still for sale:

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    Your Info is not accurate.
    Actually the last time (in march 2012) that I've contacted the seller he only had 4 available.
    It is even possible that in the meantime even more have been sold.

    The "Waldbröl and Heiligendamm" were already sold at that time.
    I guess the seller does like the picture, I must admit it is an eyecather and therefore hasn't probably upgraded it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wizardelf View Post
    Your Info is not accurate.
    Just going by what the original description says, now, in 2013.....and it says that there is a choice of six.
    All in good condition, some with
    tags. Take your choice-$650 each.
    It does not mention that any are sold! (and yes, it says take your choice instead of make.... but immaterial if some are sold already..years have no

    For those familiar with the SAW series.... "Live or Die...Take your choice!" .... lol

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    I agree with your statement
    the text indeed is misleeding to say the least.
    So I guess this guy is not a fulltime dealer but is in the business maeby to gain an extra buck besides his regular work?
    But in the meantime he has some lovely items on his site, at least haven't they been sold allready
    Who will tell?

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    He has some great items. This here would be interesting, but at 400.- too much for me..

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    $650 USD does not seem so bad when you compare what Wietze is asking for

    Edit, strange that he asking 175 USD for a standard HJ armband however. Worth about half that on a good day IMO.
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    I did buy two of those and look at his site a couple times a year and see little or no updates so the picture is very outdated

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