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    I expected it to go higher a true rarity for sure.

    If someone here got it please send good pics for the article

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    crazy money

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    not the money that is crazy it is the guy behind it setting way to high a value on these little triangles

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    I disagree Paul

    Think of these triangles versus SS sleevebands and just how much they have skyrocketed in value in the past 25 years .

    Owning an RJF triangle is like having an SS Officers flat wire "RFSS" cufftitle .
    in fact I believe these RJF Triangles are even rarer than that.

    The RJF triangles " RJF, RJF Stab and RJF Gefolgschaft" are like the rarest to find and with the traditions litze you can add an extra 100 dollars on top of that ( any triangle with traditions litze is worth around 75 to 100 dollars on top of the original price of a Gebiet triangle).

    I can count of on less than two hands of known RJF triangles , I have one ; an RJF Stab , with traditions litze .
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    now there is a bad comparison SS cuff titles brought back in bundles never a thought of drying up on the market IMO the most overpriced easy to aquire item of the TR period but what you say about the triangle and it's rarity is very true just hard to get over the price

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    OMG who can pay 863 for a badge? I can't pay 120 for one I have see and I want it!!

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    At this rate HJ items will become the SS collection of the new century.

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    IT TAKES TWO TO MAKE AN AUCTION that is what drove that price. I took it up to 550 myself but even with its rarity was going no higher. The npea and ahs TRIANGLES are well overpriced as is

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    As I have said before it's expensive, BUT, find another up for sale anywhere.

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