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    This is one triangle that I do not have , however; I do have an Ost Ostland 1st pattern .

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    first pattern? I wasn't even aware they existed in different patterns. A pic would be welcome, so I can see it.
    I'm always looking for some new ones to add to my own collection, wich I started about 2 years ago (I now have 40 different ones, but I only collect the male specimens).

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    one I do not have in my collection. So hope to encounter it one of these days.

    I regards to your info about the date of wear, the restructure of the HJ in '39 resulted allready in the creation of the gebiete (1) Ostpreussen.
    So I guess this triangle was allready in wear from sometime in 1939, so well before 1942.
    But hey I can be wrong.

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