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Thread: Some news

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    Some news

    Hi mates,

    here are some new items for my collection.


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    'some new items....' You mean a lot of new items :) Looks like some really nice items too. I think I nearly bought the flag at top centre a few years ago. I only had enough money at the time to take one of his flags but I really wanted that one. Good to see it here.

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    Great Sven! Can you post more pictures of the individual items in the various forums for us to enjoy?

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    Very nice Sven , can you take individual photos of these items and post them .

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    Thank's a lot gents! Actually I'm looking for a new flat with extra room for my collection. In the moment I'm storing my items without enough space. I'll take detail photos when I have my room :)

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    I eventually had to buy a 3 bedroom house to store my collection .

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    Sven explain me where do you find all those things

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