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    Check Kevin's online blog page, he has individual pictures there. I don't think he would mind if you borrowed one for a display.

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    There are some pictures here on the forum too Haen. have a look through these:

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    Some one must have found a whole box of these as the batch numbers vary on these two Nederlande triangles from 427271 to 428758 , I know Weitze has around 5 to 10 of these and I have seen several on a few dealers sites to date .
    My question is if someone out there that has a couple of thousand of these stashed away . Why not flood the market with these . What Im getting at , if there are 100,000 Collectors of 3rd Reich militaria world wide , out of that mabye 1,500 Hitler Youth Collectors of wich mabye around only 100 are serious HJ collectors . The only since it makes is to me is instead of keeping them all , selling mabye 10 a year at 500 dollars a pop , why not just put a couple hundred of them out at 150 dollars each . I bet we would all buy 2 or three of them each .
    Boy we all would be happy then eh .
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    I agree Joe, definetly a horde find or something. Funny how the price varies from dealer to dealer. I saw one dealer selling them at 250 Euro, and Wietze is asking 500.

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    west Niederlande

    Thanks guys for the overwhelming response.
    I even got an offer for a replica made; don't like to use my home address though. Because my wife of nearly 60 years, although herself an ex-vet, HATES it when i reminisc in that part of my past.
    I did howver already copy one of the posts.

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    Yea i was goin to get my friend brad to make him one up. I think it would look better then a paper one. Thats the most i could do for a vet!
    Ps. i know alot of u guys dont like the repop stuff, but any of us would know its fake from a mile away.

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    Double thanks

    Hi Guys (and Gals),
    The point meanwhile is moot. I have decided to be happy with what I already have (replacements for my lost decorations, EKII, KVKII,Verw.Abz.Schw.,en Infantry Sturmabz.) compliments of local friends from THEIR collection.
    A Lt.Col of the US paratroopers, even made up some VERY good looking replica's of my soldbuch, and Certificates for the decorations.. Were it not for the inscription on the last page of the soldbuch, (inserted on purpose) it did pass (by a collector) as real. All these were based on copies of my stammkarte, compliments of NIOD (Dutch Institute of War Documentation).
    I also have a shadowbox with memories of the Royal Netherlands Army in which I later served as a non-com, and the Royal Neth.Red Cross Ambulance Corps (volunteer/trainer
    So I better look at the few years I have left, rather than keep reminiscing about the past, and crying over the things I don't have. I will keep looking and posting on this forum though ( don't get rid of me THAT easy

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    I just had a thought (1st time for everything).
    I DO aplogize, if I inadvertendly insulted any of the members, by declining their offer. That was not meant to be.
    But I also realize that saying things like "I would not mind having this or that", could be implied as a fishing expedition.

    BTW, I AM curious about your ages !
    Mine is 83 3/4. Anyone want to share his/hers ?
    Reason ?: I wonder what kind of people, 65/70 years after the facts are getting interested in WWII memorabilia.

    Cheers !. HN

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    Hi Haen
    I am 47 years old and half Deutsch . I was born of a German Mother and an American Father in Wiesbaden Germany . My Grandfather served in the German Army from 1941 to 1945 .
    I am also a veteran of the US Marine Corps .
    I enlisted when I was 17 1/2 years old for 6 years .
    I now am a UPS driver .

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    hi haen i am a 24 year old scottish HJ collector

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