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    Two BDM district triangles - Südost Kärnten and Süd Schwaben

    i recently added these BDM District triangles to my collection,would love some comments on them,i like them alot,i have no doubt they are Origional TR era pieces.cheers

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    Both originals. The Sudost Karnten is one of the more commonly encountered triangles. A large horde coming out of Europe some years ago. The Sud Schwaben is a more desirable example, not rare but not too common.

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    great pieces as DARRIN says love this area of youth collecting some rare ones out there so good hunting

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    thanks for your comments fellas

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    Guys how do you know which ones are rarer than others? By how often they come up for sale?
    Any chance one of you would list a top 10 in rarity for BDM white triangles? Sometimes there is a choice for sale and I would just plump for whatever my gut feeling is, which is not really the best way to go about things. LOL

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    Triangles from the area "Ost" and "Mitte" are not too common, but they come up from time to time.

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