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    I just recently got some pictures of the HJ/BDM in the Ukraine.
    What area triangle would they be wearing?
    I will post the pictures as soon as I scan then and get the rest of them in.

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    There was no official triangle for Befehlstelle Ukraine as far as I'm aware. It'll be very interesting to see the photos.

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    Yes , Please post scans .

    As far as I know these youths from eastern areas just wore an armband of their nationality .

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    Yes i can't wait too see this triangle

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    be very interesting to see these pics

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    I will try and post the pictures on Tuesday.
    The pictures were official photos taken for Oberbefehlshaber der NSDAP Claus Selzner in Dnjepropetrowsk.
    I do not have them all yet.

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    I am going to post the whole grouping even though not all HJ/BDM related.
    I will hopefully have the rest later this week.

    OK - It is impossible to read what is on the triangle.
    I can only make out that it is 2 lines.
    1st line looks like a 3 letter word and the 2nd line is a rather lengthy word.

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    This is one of the other pictures from the Ukraine that shows the HJ and was taken in Dnjepropetrowsk.


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    Difficult to know without seeing more photos/information/dates what exactly is going on here Bobby. It would be cool to see a high resolution scan of the leader's triangle in your last picture if you can upload one. I'm pretty sure it will show that the boy is German HJ though.

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    Thanks for the bigger scans Bobby. After looking at them I'm fairly certain that the triangle on the concert photo is Ost Generalgouvernement. Poland shares a border with the Ukraine so a visit would seem to be the logical conclusion. If I could see a Bann or Jungbann number on those straps I could confirm that 100% but I'm confident that the triangle is Ost Generalgouvernement.

    The Kameradschaftsführer in the other picture seems to be wearing an Adolf Hitler school triangle. Possibly 'AHS/Heiligendamm. What does everyone think?
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