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    West Niederlande HJ district triangle

    here is my keystone triangle

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    also interesting to note this triangle was made in GERMANY at WUPPERTAL

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    hi paul nice triangle you got there i really like to see them with RZM tag still attached! i remember at one point i was collecting the tags rather than the item attached thankfully it has calmed a little but i still love collecting tags.

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    Excellent one man!!! Congratulations!!

    anyway Wuppertal is not that far away from Netherlands:tongue_smilie:



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    Paul, another nice find. Congrats!


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    Hey Paul,

    I bought one of those also.
    Mine's not here yet.
    I think he had three to begin with.
    I think he has one left, if anyone is interested.


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    WELL done KEV and a bargain also, might even buy one more for a trader

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    Very nice Paul, glad to see you jumped on that one, and Kevin also. The price was great as well considering the scarcity of the triangle.

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    where'd you guys get find them? If there's one left, I might go for it.


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    HISCOLL has them be quick as I might grab one more and it may be the last


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