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    West Pfalz-Saar district triangle

    This is a new item in my collection. I was told that "Pfalz-Saar" is earlier, at some point becoming "Saarpfalz." Does anyone know when this change in wording came about? I thought it was kinda neat!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Garry will have the period information. I think it's sometime early in the war that it was changed. That's a nice triangle.

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    Thanks! It kinda "talked" to me.

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    And from what I gather, Garry has a wealth of info! I look forward to learning more on this one.

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    Garry has a vast library of period documents and maps. His information comes right from the source at the time.

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    That is a rare triangle actually which was only in use for a short period between the spring and end of 1935 when the Gebiet name was changed from Pfalz-Saar to Saarpfalz. A desirable item for triangle collectors.

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    Wow. That's a very short usage period. Granted, existing stock of this patch may have been used for a while, but it does sound like a scarce one. Thanks for the info, Garry!

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    How much did this triangle set you back ?

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    Under 100 US dollars. I was worried that I overpayed.

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    Seems nowdays around 100usd is about the going rate on many triangles with more rare ones going higher from there.

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