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    Damn , I would love to have that early flag .
    Great photo and thank you for posting .

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    That's a great photo, don't see many early ones that show the flag that well. Thanks for posting.

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    I love these very early photos i kinda wonder what it is on the collarpatches??

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    LOVE the WW1 battle flag with Swastika.

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    those collars are very interesting can we get a closeup. I may have one in my unknown bin


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    Tried the closeup thing on the old forum. Nothing but blurs my friend :( The whole pic is only the size of a credit card
    Love to know more myself.
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    Great photo Pat, most interesting. Hope you don't mind but I had a play around with the pic. As you say, mostly very blurred but the shape appears consistent.


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    Anything that'll shed light is welcome mate. If anyone can make steps towards working out what the insignia is, that'll be awesome

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