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    TRUMPET WITH A BANNER id ?National Federation of the Evangelical Young Men

    National Federation of the Evangelical Young Men possible ID still exists today so any opinions banner and trumpet appear to be a marriage not made for each other me thinks

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    The Eichenkreuz which means "oak (leaf) cross" has been the insignia of the German YMCA sport sections from about the 1920's. Some of these groups also put hiking, camping and a lot of similar activities as the Pfadfinder (Boy Scouts) and other parts of the German youth movement on their agenda. So you may find pictures of these groups in the early 1930's that look very similar to early HJ groups. The Eichenkreuz is still in use although the design changed in the 1980s or 1990 a bit and I have recently seen very modern images on the net.(One may do Google Images search for Eichenkreutz to see a few of them.)
    In the Evangelische Kirche (which I would rather translate as German protestant church) brass-sections are very common and also the youth there are encouraged to play some kind of brass (instruments will be provided by the church if one does not own one or is not sure whether one will stick to it for years). So this is most certainly a brass trompet with banner from an Eichenkreuz group. Their trumpets have not necessarily a logo or stamp. They are just common musical instruments. These banners are no longer offered. I think the last of these were popular during the 60's. Maybe stocks were sold also in the 70's or even later.
    I have not heard of any collectors for these items although they are not as common as HJ items. So prices should be moderate. One might enjoy:
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    great feedback many thanks for the detailed answer. I will try to get the trumpet alone for display on one of my period banners now thanks

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