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    Does anyone have information on this organization which originated before the NSDAP , during and afterwards ?
    Im wandering if the Turnerbund had some sort of oversight or control over the HJ/BDM , DRL and NSRL when it came to the Gau , Kreis and Reichs sports competitions .

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    Hi Joe,

    Nice items. Some of them will have I'm sure but not as members of the DT but rather under the auspices of the organisation that swallowed it up. From the 27th of July 1934 the DT ceased to exist as an independant organisation and became a part of department (Fachamt) within the newly formed NS umbrella organisation for sport: Deutscher Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (DRL). In 1938, this organisation was renamed and became the Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (NSRL).

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    In the days of the old Forum I did som research on the this subject. Unfortunately I did not save the information posted on that forum.

    DT is short for Deutsche Turnerschaft (The German Gymnastics Association) - DT. The DT symbol seen on the cloth patch and flag was the symbol of Deutsche Turnerschaft.

    DT was from 1868 to 1936 the umbrella organization of civil gymnastics clubs in Germany.

    Deutscher Turner-Bund - DTB was founded in 1848. In 1868 DTB was absorbed by DT. DTB was founded again in 1950.

    Both DT and DTB used/uses the FFFF letter symbol, short for "Frisch, fromm, fröhlich, frei" (Fresh, devout, free, cheerfull) which was the motto of the "father" of German gymnastics Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (Turnvater Jahn).

    For those who read German see these wikipediapages:
    Deutsche Turnerschaft
    Deutscher Turner-Bund
    Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

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    Not 1936 though Henrik. The DT effectively ceased to exist when it became 'Fachamt I' on the formation of the DRL in June 1934

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    OK and thanks for the info.


    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Not 1936 though Henrik. The DT effectively ceased to exist when it became 'Fachamt I' on the formation of the DRL in July 1934

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    Here is my small DT/DTB collection. I also have the cloth badge.

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    DT pins

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    Friedrich Ludwig Jahn
    Postcard from the Austrian "Deutscher Turnerbund (1919)"

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    "Zum besten des DT-Hauses"
    Postcard, Deutscher Turnerschaft

    Songbook from the Austrian "Deutscher Turnerbund (1919)"

    Österreichischer Turnerbund


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    Hi Henrik,

    I was wrong. Well, the way I formulated post #2 was certainly misleading :) The process of forming a single authority for sport in the HJ started on the 27th of June 1934 and was completed in Jan 1936 so it is wrong to say that the Fachämter were created in July 1934. They were created later and I'm looking in the Verordnungsblätter and other sources for an exact date for the formation but I'm thinking that this is likely to have taken place in late 1935. As you say, the DT and the other remaining organisations disbanded in 1936 but I would still think that the DT and others did not have the ability to make autonomous decisions after July 1934 i.e. the DT was no longer an independant organisation.

    Nice items by the way :)

    Edit - I found this reference which mentions Fachamt 'Leichtathletik':

    Urkunde ausgestellt vom Deutschen Reichsbund für Leibesübungen, Fachamt Leichtathletik.
    „Deutsche Vereinsmeisterschaft 1935 (Männer). B-Klasse Männer, 20. Pl., Turnerbund Bruchsal, 4968,20
    Punkte. Berlin, 20. Februar 1935.“

    This shows that the Fachämter existed at the beginning of 1935 so it would seem that they were indeed created on the formation of the DRL in 1934.

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    DT Wimpel

    There are some nice items out there from the DT.
    But I have not heard of any collectors for DT items in general.
    Some buckle collectors do collect the variants of the 4 F buckle though.
    But the cloth badges and most metal badges are normaly sold cheeply.
    DT badges do not reach the prices shown in the Huesken Kleinabzeichen Katalog.
    Here is a nice Wimpel I own. I will trade it for German scout items one day, when I find a DT collector.
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