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    Artur Axmann biography, 1913-1996

    Translation of this page: Arthur Axmann, Politiker, Reichsjugendführer Biographie: Arthur Axmann, 1913-1996

    Arthur Axmann, Politician, Reich Youth Leader

    18th February: Arthur Axmann was born in Hagen (Westphalia), the youngest of five children of the Legal Adviser Aloys Axmann and his wife Emma (nee Frick).

    The family moved to Berlin-Wedding, where his father worked as an insurance clerk.
    After the death of his father, the mother must support the family alone.

    Axmann is the 300th enrolled in the Community School in Berlin-Wedding.

    Due to his outstanding academic achievement, he is accepted into a special class.

    With the help of a scholarship, he moved to the 6th Secondary school in Berlin-Wedding.

    14th September: Axmann attended a meeting at which Joseph Goebbels, and his interest in the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) awakens.

    November: Axmann enters the age of 15 high school student in the Hitler Youth (HJ) and is the leader of the Hitler Youth in the Berlin district of Wedding.

    He is active as a cell leader and as a speaker at the Nazi Students League.

    12th March: Axmann sets from high school and leaves the Nazi Student League.

    He matriculated at the University of Berlin, to study economics, Law and Political Science. The Nazi student federation does not at Axmann.

    June / July: As his mother and his brothers have lost their jobs, Axmann must interrupt his studies. He has to earn his own cost of living.

    September: He is a member of the NSDAP.

    Axmann was appointed to the national leadership of the Hitler Youth. Here he takes over the operation of the youth organization and professional education cells.

    in May: Axmann is regional leader and head of the "Social Office of the National Youth Leadership". It builds on the state's Vocational Training Center and founded the "kingdom of Competition of the German Youth ', attended by more than a million young workers.

    November: He takes over the leadership of the Hitler Youth in Berlin.

    July: Axmann is director of the " state professional competition " He comes out as a specialist in the field of juvenile justice and social care youth under National Socialism.

    At the beginning of the Second World War he was briefly a soldier in the Wehrmacht.

    First May: He is deputy of the Reich Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach.

    August: Axmann succeeds Schirach. It encourages the development of militarily organized and can increasingly HJ Hitler Youth groups use for military service. The Hitler Youth patrols will be transformed into a offspring- and recruitment organisasation for the Waffen-SS.

    After a serious injury at the beginning of the attack on the Soviet Unionist he again from December to end of the war workis as a Youth Leader.

    In the last weeks of the war Axmann lets existing units of the German Young Folk (DJ) become a part of the Volkssturm for the final battle for Berlin.

    May: Shortly after the death of Adolf Hitler he manages to escape from the bunker.
    Axmann spent five months under the pseudonym Eric Siewert in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. He is officially declared dead.

    December: In Lübeck Axmann takes contact with former Hitler Youth leaders and Nazi officials. With other former Hitler Youth leaders, he was arrested on charges of "neo-Nazi conspiracy."

    October: Axmann is released from prison.

    in July: He is arrested again for several weeks and interrogated.

    June: Axmann is moved into the camp Nuremberg-Langwasser.

    July: The Nuremberg Tribunal prepares the indictment Axmann.

    April: He is by the head of the Nuremberg Tribunal as "major offenders" sentenced to three years and three months, labor camps, which are, however, served by his detention.
    After an unsuccessful job search in Schleswig-Holstein Axmann moved to Gelsenkirchen on. He works as a representative of a coffee company.

    19th August: He is convicted by a Berlin court for the payment of DM 35,000 for "incitement of the youth". The payment can be paid by Axmann through the sale of several development sites in Berlin.

    Axmann must close his recently established trading company because of a lack of orders.

    After a second failed company was founded, Axmann is building recreation center on Gran Canaria for aSpanish company.

    After moving to Berlin, where he is still working in various positions, he finally retires from professional life back. He has contacts from HJ-time and works on his memoirs.

    A four-cassette edition under the title "fateful years of the Hitler Youth" is published.

    Axmann published his memoirs, "That can not be the end."

    24th October: Arthur Axmann died in Berlin.


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    Another great contribution Cemifor , Can anyone post a photo of Axmanns grave ?

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    According to this page Axmann, Arthur Axmann is burried on the Stadtfriedhof of Berlin Wilmersdorf.

    Photo from same page.

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