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    Baldur von schirach

    I recently read the Baldur von Schirach wrote a prayer that all hitler youth members had say before meals , Also a poem about Adolf Hitler that all members had to remember and recite does anybody know if this is indeed true ,


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    There were certainly songs which the boys and girls had to learn by heart Steve but I haven't come across the things you mentioned. Sounds plausable though.

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    I've got me the song book edited by von shirach, but can't find the text you mention in there. got any idea wich it was?

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    I will post the verse whem im home tonight ,


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    Prayer by Von Schirach supposedly said by HJ members before meals ,

    Fuehrer , my fuehrer given me by god
    Protect and preserve my life for long
    You rescued germany from its deepest need
    I thank you for my daily bread
    Stay for a long time with me, leave me not
    Fuehrer, my fuehrer my faith my light
    Hail my fuehrer

    Peom that all HJ members had to be able to recite,

    That is the greatest thing about him
    That he is not only ourleader and a great hero
    But himself upright firm and simple
    In him the roots of our world
    And his soul touches the stars
    And yet he remains a man like you and me

    Thats them i came across them on another site true or not who knows


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    didn't find it in the book I've got.

    this however i found:

    Greift die Fähne!

    Greift die Fahne, kamarade,
    die in purpurfarben sacht.
    Schlagt die Trommel, kamaraden,
    Wir marschieren durch die Nacht.

    Ballt die Fäuste, Kamaraden,
    Hört den ruf, der in euch schreit.
    Schmiedet eisen, kamaraden,
    eisen braucht die neue zeit.

    Schlagt die Trommel, kamaraden,
    Harter schwur ist jeder schlag.
    schreitet vorwärts, Kamùaraden,
    Freiheit ist der neue Tag!

    quote from "das lied der getreuen" von Baldur von Schirach (1937)

    hope you like it!

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    Thanks for posting them ,
    I dont read german so i will babel fish them


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