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    Bann 852 (number previously unknown) added to Bann lists

    Thanks to a nice coincidence the number of Bann Weilheim is now known. I have known the Bann name for some time now after finding it in the book "Zwischen Hakenkreuz und Sternenbanner" by Heinz Staudinger but Bertrand (bertl59) came across an ebay item today from that Bann which shows the number as being 852. Great to be able to add that to our 1942 Bann list (and to the corresponding list for 1942 which is sorted by HJ Gebiet) so thanks again Bertrand

    The book I mentioned (a pic that I saved can be seen below) shows that this Bann existed certainly in 1943 but it may have been raised during 1942 but if so then definitely after January 1942.


    med11.jpg weil.jpg

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      Great work Garry.

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      Thanks GARRY ,you did all the work !

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