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    The Hitler Youth Unsterbliche Gefolgschaft

    After his review of the list of HJ martyrs Stabsführer Lauterbacher issued an instruction dated 3.10.1935 which named those to be included in the 'Unsterbliche Gefolgschaft' (Eternal Gefolgschaft) of the Hitler Youth. The list was revised again after this and the below picture shows the final version. I wonder if it was this 1935 review which removed Erika Jordan from the list?

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    Had a look at this older thread, Garry.
    Where did you find the name Erika Jordan?

    In 1934 the
    started granting names for lower and higher levels. A few
    announcements were published, but then they stopped with it as one had to
    wait for a final arrangement about the granting of names. The first I found
    in the "Verordnungsblatt" I have attached.

    1-Vbl.HJ-Apr-7-34.jpg 2-Vbl.HJ-Mai-19-34.jpg

    Per March 21, 1935 the granting of names was in-depth and newly arranged.
    September 26, 1935 it was announced a new list would be published. This was
    done October 3, 1935. This is largely as your list, but has another name mentioned
    : Stahlschmidt.

    The list from October from the "Verordnungsblatt" I have added here also. Shortly
    thereafter it was noted that the date for Schmelzer was wrong (April 4, 1932) and
    should be changed in April 4, 1933.


    Could it be that Erika Jordan was earlier granted to a lower leveled unit. She was not
    listed October 3, 1935.
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    Hi Wim,

    I wrote a little on her in this thread: Bdm "martyr" erika jordan which includes a photograph showing her name on the martyr list in 1933. Gisela Müller-Kipp's 'Auch Du gehörst dem Führer' (p17) states that Jordan was on the martyr list until 1934.

    Here's the instruction reference for the list in post 1 above:


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    Thanks. The same note was in such way also in the Verordnungsblatt. Still strange
    the extra name of Stahlschmidt in the "Verordnungsblatt", don't you think?

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    Indeed Wim. I haven't come across any explanation for this.

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    Here's the book 'Die Unsterbliche Gefolgschaft' mentioned by the instruction in post 3 as being in the planning stage. Most of the HJ martyrs listed in the final list (post #1 above) are mentioned:

    Die Unsterbliche Gefolgschaft - 1936 booklet containing short biographies of most of the HJ "martyrs".

    Interestingly, there was a plan in 1935 (authorised by Hitler and noted in Verordnungsblatt III/43) to create a monument to the HJ martyrs and to bury them all there. Clearly that was never put into effect.

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