Bann 824 is currently unknown but I found a HJ achievement book a while back that shows that the boy was a member of this Bann, specifically of Fähnlein 8/824. The Gebiet is shown in the book as 7 Nordsee and the
stamps are also for that Gebiet so it clearly follows that 824 was in Gebiet 7 certainly in August 1944 because that is when the boy qualified for his silver achievement badge.

The boy lived in Süttorf (population 130) which, back then, was part of Kreis Lüneburg. Bann 189 Lüneburg became a part of Gebiet 41 Osthannover in March 1942 and its members then wore the Nord/Osthannover sleeve triangle so the clear implication is that this new Bann 824 was created some time after that split. Possibly a Land-Bann?

If anyone has any further info on this please let me know. It would be great to be able to add this Bann to our lists.