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    Information on HJ Bann 745 TANN


    I was the research of information on the Bann 745 TANN Süd / Baden.
    Pictures, objects, uniforms .....
    It is a city not far from home.
    thank you
    cordially seppi72

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    In the addendum-list from May 24, 1941 (nr. 51) it was noted to be 745 as Thann at Baden and not as Tann.
    There do exist various Tann, as well as various Thann in Germany (Niederbayern and Oberpfalz) as far as I know,
    but if these are the Thann as noted May 1941, I do not know.
    I think a town at Alsace or nearby the border is meant as also the other numbers from about 740 through 747 are
    from that area.
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    Thann apparently is an area, which is also known as Tann. It is nearby Mulhouse (Mühlhausen).
    Maybe some member from this area can shed light!

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    I think that Thann is the correct place Wim. Here's a shot of the 1934 Gliederungskarte showing how close Thann was to the boundary of HJ Gebiet Baden. In 1940 the Elsass area was incorporated into Baden as you know so the ""Tann" being listed within HJ Gebiet 21 Baden by the
    is just be a spelling mistake and should be "Thann".


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    Thanks you.

    CDT seppi72

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    In the Reichsbefehl 1/41K from January 2, 1941 a number of changes were published.
    With the date February 1, 1941 a re-organization was included (splitting Franken into
    Franken and Mainfranken with the entry of February 1, 1941 and the renaming of
    Saarpfalz (into Westmark) and Westmark (into Koblenz-Trier) with the date December 7,
    For Baden a group of new Bann-numbers were announced. They mentiond Thann as 745.
    The old total Bann-numbers for the area was 18. With the new ones it became 35.

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