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    More Norkus Photos.

    First, memorial where Norkus was stabbed. Second, tribute or song about Norkus (if someone could translate that would be awesome).
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    Does anyone have a picture of Herbert Norkus when he was alive and breathing ?

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    My avatar is Herbert Norkus Joe, I have one somewhere I'll find, he's standing with 2 other HJ in early uniforms.

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    It's also interesting to note within two weeks of the death of Herbert Norkus, Hitler spoke to the Berlin Hitler Youth at a rally the Tennishalle im Westen. The rally was attended by the SS, the Studentenbund and the Hitler Youth. Hitler personally greeted and recognized the hero's Moabit camrades. Shortly after the death of Norkus, I'm unsure of the exact date, the flag of Schar 2 Hitler Jugend Beusselkeitz-Hansa became the Blutfahne of the Hitler Jugend. The whereabouts or fate of this Blutfahne are currently unknown.
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    super research was wondering the meaning of your lot when you first posted it. It would be interesting to see a modern photo of the area where the memorial cairn stood or is still standing sans insignia


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    Paul, that would be great to see. I like those before and after photos that some guys take.

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    Here are some photos:

    Pic 1 shows three comrades posing at the spot where Norkus died. One is carrying the Norkus flag.
    Pic 2 shows an honour guard at his grave.
    Pic 3 shows Norkus with his Kameradschaft. He's third from left with his head bowed.

    Scanned from the book 'Herbert Norkus - Hier' 1933
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    Great photos Garry, thanks for contributing to this thread.

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    Better photo of Norkus from the old forum, and a news article of his death.
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    Great stuff Darin

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