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    Yes, HJ Gebiet 40 Oberschlesien is covered in full in the Bann lists here:

    Hitler Youth Bann number lists - Area triangle lists

    The lists are available to Full Members only though. For more information on that please click HERE

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    Wild Garry, I'm here to help!
    Your help will be visible in all of Poland during the reconstruction!

    Dziki Garry, bardzo mi pomoge!

    Twoja pomoc bdzie widoczna w caej Polsce podczas rekonstrukcji!

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    No problem Are you into re-enactment (inscenizacja)?

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    Yes, GRH Insurgent nglish Section HJ / DJ / BDM. HJ chopców same in Poland is only a few of which only our group regularly takes part in productions in Polish caej. Last production with our participation (unfortunately only I had been 'on-line')
    held in Warsaw.

    Tak, GRH Powstaniec lski sekcja HJ/DJ/BDM. Samych chopców HJ w Polsce jest tylko kilkunastu z czego tylko nasza grupa bierze regularnie udzia w inscenizacjach na terenie caej Polski. Ostatnia inscenizacja z naszym udzialem (niestety tylko ja bylem 'on-line')
    odbyla sie w Warszawie.

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    Jungmädelgruppe 4/79 Hildesheim, December 1941
    Mädelgruppe 4/79 Hildesheim, March/April 1944

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    Last edited by cemifor; 14th July 2011 at 02:06 PM. Reason: Mädelgruppe changed from 1941 to 1944

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    Many thanks Henrik

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    The Mädelgruppe is 1944

    Admin edit: done

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    The posts did stop, a pity as there must be hundreds of documents that give information with the used stamps.
    I would like to know if one is interested in the (original) names from the list I used in my handbook about Bann 134
    from Plauen (this is chapter 4 with the pages 599 through 603). I can scan the stuff and post it, when there is any

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