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    Hi Wim,

    Did you get a chance to scan the pages at all?

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    Please remind me in a few weeks. I am deeply involved in the controlling
    for the lay-out for one of my newest books with 704 pages and 1,500
    photographs. It is a hell of a job and I have to consentrate on that. In between
    I glance at the forum!

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    Will do Wim

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    A promise = a promise: as I can't constantly put my nose into that enormous
    lay-out of 704 pages, and so now and then I do need to do somethingelse to
    get a "fresh mind", I have decided to post the two pages with information now
    and so there won't be any further delay!

    img270.jpg img271.jpg

    For the HJ you see there is the Gebiet, Standort, Kameradschaft, Gefolgschaft
    and Bann;
    For the DJ also the Gebiet, Standort, but then the Jungenschaft, Fähnlein and
    Jungbann. Note the so-called honournames for the DJ. With this you know that
    anyway about mid-January 1937 these have existed.

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    Bann 284, Gefolgschaft 9 Bevensen added to post 1.

    Thanks Wim. I can't use those for the list unfortunately as they don't give a location for the lower-level units.

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    Additional reference for Bann 183 Gefolgschaft 13 added

    Thanks M


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    Fliegergefolgschaft 1/97 added

    neub.jpg neub1.jpg

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    Bann 171 almost complete list!

    As prommised my researched numbers for my Bann 171 Mannheim. Took me several years and is almost fully complete. Enjoy

    Listing of Bann171 Mannheim Numbers

    Admin Edit: The information contained within this section has been copied to a dedicated wiki page HERE
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    Great work Dirk

    Do you have a location for Fähnlein 88, Florian Geier at all? I was also wondering whether you noted the date for each entry. What I mean is, can you link each unit to a dated source? The dates are helpful because they show how the organisation changed over time. Not a problem if you haven't of course as the information is fantastic as it is.

    Are you happy for me to add these units to my lists?

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