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    thats a great sig tony

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    Nice signature! I have two; one from Hitlers driver Erich Kempka and one from the Reichskommisar fur die besetzten Niederlandische Gebiete Seyss Inquart
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    That is a lovely sig

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    Hi tony
    Thanks for posting the album cover, its the same as the picture i posted in one of my picture threads , was this emblem common,

    cheers steve
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    Before and After

    Von Schirach at the time of his sentencing at his war crimes trial .
    And at the time of his release from prison 20 years later in October of 1966
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    This was very overwhelming in content. The detail and the Information that Tony has shared with us does not get any closer to the characters then what one can read in a book,, which is largely edited to death. I am grateful to read Tonys experience and closeness he was able to achieve with these High level figures. Thank you Sir for beautifully describing in detail of what history has chosen to leave out of the books. Incredible!! I am new to this forum but not to collecting and research. Has Tony kept in contact with those on this forum since his last post?/ Best regards Larry

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    Hi Larry,

    Tony hasn't visited the forum for a long time unfortunately so I'm thinking that we won't see him again. He did provide us with some interesting anecdotes on these two men though I agree.

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