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    Sigrune chart for Oberbanns

    Here is the chart for the sigrune colors of the Oberbann structure.
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    Thanks Darin. I'll use that for my article 'avatar' I think :)

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    Very nice scan Darin from the looks of it from a period book

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick1974 View Post
    Very nice scan Darin from the looks of it from a period book
    It's from the HJ organisation book from 1934. Bakers books have great scans of these illustrations with an English translation as well to help us that are not able to speak German.

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    Is there a map anywhere showing the geographic locations of the DJ Oberbanns?

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    I have one for 1934 Darin plus the accompanying HJ organisation book from the same year. Are you looking for a particular Oberbann?

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    Just sort of a general overview Garry, trying to get an idea of what areas each of the sigrunes represented.

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    It all depends on the HJ district Darin. The Oberbann colours were not represented equally in all districts (Gebiete) because some of them were smaller than others. The smaller ones would not have used blue, black or white for example.

    I will probably add a list of the Oberbanne to my article at some point but in the meantime I'm more than happy to help with individual queries as I have in the past so just give me a shout.

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