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    Very interesting discussion. As you say chaps, going on hard evidence there should be no M1/66 DJ shooting badges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Very interesting discussion. As you say chaps, going on hard evidence there should be no M1/66 DJ shooting badges. By the way, the reference for the introduction of the badge is 'Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt 7/11' dated 16.6.1939
    Facts are always the best way to go, IF they can be found, which is hard sometimes. But collectors will believe what they want i guess. The Fantasy Adolf Hitler 1933 badges that have the mark RZM M1/129 on the reverse are still being dubbed Original when the RZM announcements tell us that Seiler only received the number M1/129 late in 1938, at the same time the Austrian RZM M- numbers were being issued.

    But you know, the Fakers know all this Period info, that's why they chose numbers that were either never issued or lost early on for their fakes. M1/4 is probably the best Example, along with M1/33 M1/133...the list could go on.

    So i guess, to conclude on this DJ badge marked M1/66, anyone who still believes it is Original, must present black and white Information that the number was re-issued, or given back to the maker. Which is wasn't, and is not mentioned again in any RZM announcement after 7 December 1935, so that will be a hard task for a collector. There is the "other" option though, Denial

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    It's a shame that people are being swindled and it is good that members can get advice here on HJF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heinrich View Post
    It's a shame that people are being swindled ....
    Hmmmmmmm, now this is a tuff call. I would not say Swindled, the problem is that not many dealers like to look for "facts", all they care about is if the general consensus is OK, then thats enough for them. In this case, the facts tell us the exact date that M1/66 had his number withdrawn, and that date makes it impossible for him to have made these. What is needed from all collectors is Understanding and patience. Patience to Research for a long time, and only find 1 usable fact per year maybe, and the understanding to accept that lots of what we thought we knew, can be Debunked using only History, Facts and common sense.

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    I informed LAKESIDE about this badge sale and he was receptive to the problem and trust he has done the right things here. If anyone on this forum bought the badge please let us know what has happened.

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