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    Fixing of the rifles & Emblem

    Hi Guy's,

    Has anyone of you ever saw a broken or heavy worn HJ shooting badge so you could see how the rifles with the emblem were fixed to the enamelled target. I suppose they used a single rivet that always has been covered by the pin plate?

    Regards, Wim :)

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    Good question Wim. I've no idea to be honest. I recently saw the diamond/rifles part of a badge for sale somewhere but can't remember where that was. If I find it again I'll get some pictures up.

    Quick edit. There's a chance we might find a damaged badge on one of the detectorist sites that will give us a look at that area. Just been looking at a couple of sites and here's one that is close but sadly not close enough. I'll keep looking though.
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    indeed a good question the hunt is on lol

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    there was two ways they did it rivet and heat sweat in this case I think it is the latter


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    just to further confirm my theory here is a pic of a sweated badge unglued
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    Looks like soldered to me Paul. Great research sacrificing an old badge for the proof.

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    HaHa already broken and not mine but certainly looks heated on


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    Looks like some kind of hot melt glue to me...

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    THE ONLY THING HOT IS THE SUN WHERE YOU ARE pat main point being is there's no sign of a rivet connection a real hatchet job for sure.


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    About glue: I assume that period metal glue is out of the question: that such a thing simply diden't exist back then, no?

    Soldering them into place looks like a very believable thing here.

    Regards, Wim :)

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