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    HJ Shooting books

    Just thought I'd show the shooting books for each badge. The Meisterschütze book is rare due to the low amount of these badges which were awarded. You can see cover and inside shots of the book in pictures 1 and 2.

    The Scharfschütze shooting book is less rare but still not common and the award page can be seen in pic 3.

    The standard shooting book including award page can be seen in pic 4 and 5.

    I seem to have lost my picture of the DJ shooting book but I'll upload when I find it.

    The qualification criteria for Scharfschütze mention a 'Figurenscheibe' which can be seen in pic 6.

    Pic 7 shows a target used by a boy who successfully shot for his Scharfschütze badge in 1940.

    (Only the 1940 target and the standard shooting book are mine. I found the other reference photos on another site).

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    Looking great Garry i'm still amazed with the items you display from your collection.

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    lovely items gar especially that used target thats an amazing piece

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    Ta chaps :)

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    Garry, these are great to see

    Did you find the DJ Schiessbuch picture?


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    Better late than never :)


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    Cool stuff. I like the award documents as much as the awards.

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