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    M1/14 Hitler Youth Marksman badge (HJ-Schiessabzeichen) authentic?

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    That one looks fine.

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    No, 100% fake.

    Here is a fake higher class. And there are a few examples of these fakes on this forum too.
    M1/14, is a NO-NO makers mark to find on these. And as with fake marks, M1/14 is a chose fake mark for a myriad of small badges.
    In The Party Badge book, there are a good few pages dedicated to showing the difference between a fake M1/14 party badge and a genuine one.

    To date, there are NO known original HJ shooting badges in any grade, with these makers details.
    And as far as the seller goes - collectors guild - their site is regularly peppered with fake small badges. They do not know their backside from their elbow when it comes to small enamel.

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    Cheers Jo, I didn't know that. There are obvious M1/14 fakes of the lower-level shooting badge but apart from those I thought M1/14 was only dodgy on the HJ Scharfschütze.

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    N000268full.jpgThanks! Ok, so any marked M1/14 are fakes.

    I will never understand why someone would want to fake one of these things. I just don't see the profit margin in it.

    But I guess if they are made somewhere in China, there is always a profit margin.

    Thanks again for saving me from buying an inauthentic piece!

    But are M1/14's the only known fakes, or is there a list?

    Such as this piece. Would you buy it?

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