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    M1/63 shooting badges - Ground dug

    Lot`s of them for offer by the same guy at MILI321.
    Link to seller below.
    There is no possible way to explain the burning - with the attachments still all firmly (tin) soldered in place.
    Just cannot happen. The badge only requires a minimal burst of heat to make the attachment drop off.. and these ,have all been in Satan`s oven - a few times, enamel melted, bronze casing melted, badge melted - yet, all attachments brand spankers and sharp, and all in place.

    When i want to "harvest" a period attachment like this, i hold the badge in my hand, and hit the attachment with a blowtortch for about 1.5 seconds.. and it drops off!

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    I understand what you meaning Jo. What a mess...

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    The "black stuff" (that has melted the badges in places) you can also find on a few of the "ground dug" HJ badges for foreigners (that also, always had the attachment still in place) Obviously happening in Germany somewhere.. will keep eyes open for this mischief in the future with other badges.
    I believe the same seller has a HJ Leistungsabz. in Gold, also melted at the moment.


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    Yep, nothing is adding up there. I have only found eight
    era badges with my detector so far but without exception, the pins were either missing or badly corroded.

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    Interesting ! Is this some kind of attempt to legitimize the fakes by providing " ground dug " examples ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy72 View Post
    Interesting ! Is this some kind of attempt to legitimize the fakes by providing " ground dug " examples ?
    An old trick. See it happening with many items. Bash them, burry them, a few years later make up a story..even film yourself digging them up (all been done before - see YouTube)

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