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    Bayonet pole top HJ Gefolgschaft flag (Gefolgschaftsfahne) M3/27

    Please, help
    Who says that?

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    dont know alot about these but sure looks great,.very cool piece


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    I like it . If you can buy it for under 300 euro you got a deal .

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    do not think there is any doubt on this one. They do not show up very often anymore so a sellers market.

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    I bought it for 350 Euro. Tell me where I can flag it to find? Maybe someone knows?

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    There are flags for sale at several places at the moment. WAF has a DJ Fahnlienfahne listed currently, regimental depot has a Bann "L" Munich Gefolgshchaftsfahne, Ruptured Duck has a set of HJ and DJ from the same numbered Bann and Jungbann. Joe has a flag for sale also here on the forum, here is a link to it.

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