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    Cased HJ sports award

    I'll be putting this and another up for sale but I wanted to see what the current general opinion of these is. There has been general discussion in the past on this type of table medal. Some like them and some don't but I've never seen evidence offered one way or the other so I'd be interested in your opinions.

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    Gary ive had a couple in the past, im of the opinion that some are real
    items but ive seen some turn up that i just cannot belive were
    manufacture pieces, ive even seen them on the market now with painted diamonds. A few years back Klaus Butchek had a huge sports grouping for sale and i belive there were a few of these in with the lot with various other plaques i managed to have a look at some of the awards before the group was broken up , to me it all looked original
    period , but i do belive that this plaque will cause some debate in the future, Regards Pete.
    p.s. most ive seen have been awarded to austrians!!!

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    Thanks Pete. Yes, I remember the Butschek grouping well. I kept a few pics of it but unfortunately got no answer from him when I asked for a couple of reverse shots. They really would have helped. How does the one I showed look to you?

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    Gary yours looks like the ones i had, can all these have diffrent legends on the back if they are post war? I must admit i did get a bit frightened at one point when i saw a lot of these turn up, its going to have to be a matter of faith i belive., im inclined to belive that most are
    period but thats my humble opinion . Pete.

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    Thanks again Pete. Back into the box they go then :) The only thing which could be ascertained really is whether games were held in that year, in that city and in that event. Even if that can be established it still doesn't mean much because a faker could easily do the same.

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    looks like mine ive allways liked them and seeing them in the grouping at butcheks helped me confim that they where period awards

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    The Butschek set belonged to a swimmer called Frank Zigon who as far as I can tell is still alive. I had more but I can only seem to find one pic from the Butschek sale which I've added below. There are quite a few pictures of Zigon himself at the link here: Geschichte

    The only thing which is stopping me offering my two for sale with a clear conscience is that I've yet to see a known fake. Mine compare very well with the example shown from the Butschek sale but I'd love to see a fake to see how they stack up.
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    hi i like these items,did you move yours on with no hassels garry?

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    I never got around to putting them up for sale actually Ewan. Still have them at home

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    hi cheers for the reply garry are all the ones been seen around issued to someone and have stampings on the back?

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