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    Eagle used on Hitler Youth community buildings (HJ-Heimsymbol)

    At WAF a member (Planet) showed a great symbol, which was used at homes for the HJ (HJ-Heim). It were out thoughts to show it also here at the HJ-forum. Thomas did send me the related photos. I did add an actual official note and a few photographs of the symbol in use.

    October 22, 1937
    this symbol was shown in the "Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt des Jugendführers des Deutschen Reichs und der Reichsjugendführung der NSDAP" (V/24)
    with the title "use of the HJ-Heimsymbol". The shown size is an actually made one(cast material being about 64 cm and with a weight of about 50 lbs, which is really heavy).
    A sample (Muster) was 15.0x15.0 cm in size. It was allowed to be made from stone, metal as well as wood. The areal-architect from the HJ was responsible.
    The size tells it must be for a quite large building, as the size depended on the size, material and architectonic structure for the building. Those who brought together the funds
    for the "home", must have had a lot of money, to have the shown eagle-symbol made. The symbol was found at Stade in Germany.

    IMG_5441.JPG IMG_5446.JPG IMG_5445.JPG IMG_5447.JPG

    The symbol contrary a matchbox:


    The use of the symbol at some building at Harsewinkel when the building was opnened,
    along with a wooden version at another home:

    HJ-heim 3 harsewinkel einweihung unten.jpg HJ-heim 4.jpg

    The actual announcement:

    HJ-Heim 1 img628.jpg HJ-Heim 2 img628.jpg


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    Very cool. Thanks for showing it here Wim. What a great find!

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    WOW, very cool.
    I like A LOTT!

    For these symbols, as I guess they are quite scarce, one must have a very large wallet to obtain one.....? Any prize indication?

    A must have in an advanced collection IMO, that is if your wallet is big enough and or you are willing to make the sacrifice.

    thx for sharing,

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    A photo from an album I have, thanks goes to Ewan for pointing this out :)
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