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    This is absolutely great , with so many members contributing .

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    yes never seen on the market a rare day badge in its own right rare pics

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    HJ Mannschaftswettkämpfe im Skilauf Winter 1933 34 Gebiet 19 Hochland Mitarbeiter


    Notice this table medal from Wittmann. The period construction was, IMO, the same than the HJ Skiführer badge.
    I'm intrigued by the marking : Wittmann with the first name initial. Why two denominations for the same maker at the same period ? It was not common if I compare with the other makers (like Ferdinand F Hofstätter).
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    The badge at the Guild is no longer up on the site.

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    YES, HE emailed me that just in case it should be withdrawn and sent out for some hands on eval

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    A good version of this badge IMO is shown on WAF today. Here is a link to the thread and the photos shown.

    HJ Ski führer badge? - Militaria Forums
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