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Thread: HJ token

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    HJ token

    Not sure about what this is yet but just bought it
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    Well it says:
    Hitler Youth area Westfalen-Niederrhein - 20 youthcamp pfennig (a pfennig is a nickel)
    I guess it was some sort of 'camp-money'

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    and thanks for that info


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    well i have never seen one before paul but who knows back in the 60s they made fake money coins for the island of jersey in the english channel the japs flooded the market with them and even i brought one so who knows but there were so many HJ tinnies it could be good

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    well the concept of event, camp currency is not new some units did it in France during WW1 and the US does it now in IRAQ. Do not have this token in hand yet but see many good things in it. Hopefully others will chime in with their thoughts and knowledge

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    WW11 ?

    Just kidding :001_tt2:

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    WW1 , BUT CAMP CURRENCY was used in the German lagers throughout the war

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