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    Small Silver Sigrune

    Has anyone ever seen one of these Stickpins? The Sigrune is made of solid 800 silver (hallmark). It is just 1 cm high. In total with the pin it is 5,6 cm (2.2 Inch). These were found in a local attic here near Nürnberg. Has anyone got a clue what these were for?

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    No, but i have seen the 10 rappen piece before

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    I did put it there for you Jo! (They say the Swiss are good with money).
    And so I put a few coins in for everybody to compare the size.

    By the way Jo, I do like your avatar very much,
    It makes me smile every time I see it.

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    Has nobody an idea?
    Has no one ever seen this?

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    I have one like this, it is very small .It is missing the pin on back though .
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    Yours seems to be a bit larger than mine, Joe.
    Mine is even smaler than a one Cent coin.
    Any idea what these were made for?
    Seems to be nothing in the official regulations though.
    Thanks for responding!

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    Sig rune stickpin marked 800

    I have the Sig rune stickpin marked 800. A pretty little thing.

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