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    1936 Berufswettkampf participant/officials badge

    The posts in this thread were originally part of this discussion:

    It developed into a discussion which also included the 1936 badge so I thought I'd put that part of the discussion here in order to enable it to be found easier by anyone looking for it on a search.

    It's odd that there would appear to be no badges from the 1936 Reich finals which have survived. 1944 was different to the previous years in that no centralised Reich final competition was held so that explains the lack of a badge for that year but 1936 is an odd one. Why make a badge for every other year but not for 1936? Doesn't make sense.

    I have a photo here from Artur Axmann's 1938 book 'Der Reichsberufswettkampf' showing a girl wearing the pre-1938 pattern Reichssieger badge. As you can see, she is also wearing another badge. Could this be the mysterious 1936 participants'/officials' badge? Does anyone recognise it?

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    hi gar
    would love to find a better pic of one of those badges, dont you think if it was a 36 participents bdage there would be more evidence of it, but will def keep a look out for this type of badge and see what it is ???.
    thanks for the input on the pic gar
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    Very true Stu. This is a mystery which is just dying to be solved .)

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    Solved! Just waiting for permission to show the pictures. Sorry Stu but it's time to go searching again :) This one will be hard to find though I think.

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    Okay, permission granted. This is the badge for the finals in 1936. It is the same badge as worn by the girl above as I was hoping :)

    The pictures are shown with the permission of Helmut Weitze who recently sold this badge.
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    so there is another badge to go with the set ; bloody great lol, nice work gar to be honest this one seems to be more in the vein of the 34,35 badges, when the 38 games came around they must have put much more in to them with the participent badges and the winners badges.
    still dont understand why the 34,35 are so easy to find but this badge is so scarce

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    :) Perhaps it was the construction Stu. That plastic backing or even the pin would probably have broken quite easily I imagine and the owners may just have chucked the rest when that happened.

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    oh well gives me something to look out for , how much did weitze sell it for gar any ideas

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    Hi yes this 36 badge is realy interesting is ther any one that have any info about this one regards tomas

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    I dont know unfortunately Stu.

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