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    This is great detective work like finding a new species, if i ever find one
    i,ll name it after you! Strange though that none have appeared before,
    there must have been quite a few awarded. Unless this was for the top
    few winners and only a small number were given out.

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    These badges were presented to those who had made it to the finals of the 1936 competition mametz and were also worn by the competition staff so for 1936 this meant 671 badges for the finalists plus an unknown number for the officials.

    If we jump ahead one year to the 1937 finals in Munich the number of badges awarded shoots to a minimum of 3000 for the finalists plus an unknown number for officials. The badge was of solid construction and presented in larger numbers which obviously allowed a greater chance for more of the badges to survive and to be around today than would have been the case for the 1936. Just a theory but it works for me.

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    Interesting but i don,t subsribe to the fragile constrution theory, there are
    plenty of stickpin badges that survive. I have never seen this badge in any
    book or on the net, But we live and learn, and must keep an open mind.

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    It was the plastic backing plate I was talking about mainly as a possible reason for these badges not surviving. Look at the picture and you can see what is likely to have happened to a lot of the badges - cracks radiating from the stickpin hole. Plastic breaks - badge no longer complete - owner chucks it in the bin.

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    the fact is the badge is def a period badge as you can see in the pic garry provided, i think this has slipped by a lot of books as have a lot of the rarer HJ badges, and any one who has come across this probably has it down as a tinnie due to the design and quality

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    Hi gents,

    here a pics from my piece, hope it helps.

    This one i have bought today with some other pins and tinnies,

    a collector friend of me bought it about 25 years ago from the vets family.

    If there is a need for better pics, i will do some closeups

    BR Ww

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    Walter, thank you for uploading the photos of this badge to the forum for all to enjoy. Welcome to the HJ Forum.

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    Wow , that is a great looking badge , thank you for posting .

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    Here the next one to compare....(thanks to greifvogel for the right to show this pic here.)


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    Yes, welcome to the forum Walther.

    Very nice.

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