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    Very nice badge WaltherW. Can't remember ever having seen it. For the interest
    I do show a photograph, which is in the posession of a friend of mine (hope he don't
    mind showing it). It is one from 1936, that's obvious!


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    still do not understand why these badges are so rare, when the 34 and 35 are so common and even the 37,38 and 39 are regularly available

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    This one has a replaced pin, but is still a nice pin.

    I've had a few of these over the years, they can be hard to find (& expensive if the seller knows what they are), however they are out there.

    Here is a scan of the last two that I still have...

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    mr scowen sir you neve fail to impress me, i cant find one for love or money and you turn up with 2 lol, great pic thank for showing, a couple of months ago when me and garry first started looking for this pin we could not find them anywhere now they seem to be popping up in quite a few collections

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    Thank you. As I said, they are out there, but because they had not been featured in any of the major reference works, they are generally over looked. If the seller knows what it is, you can expect to pay anything up to 500 Euro for it.... So it is always nicer if the seller is unaware of its significance.

    A few of us collectors have known about these for years & managed to protect them from fakers etc by not showing pictures of them on forums etc. However now that they have been "outed" you can expect to start to see fakes as they would be a very simple pin to make & very valuable.


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    Last year weitze sold on for 375 eur and he is nott sheap

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    as we can see, based on the shown pics, there was used 2 differnt plastics for the badges, one wich looks like "bernstein" and the other (weitze one) is not so transparent an more looking yellow

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